Things Needed To Consider Before Making Success With Hosting

Shared hosting is the best way to make money

Especially if you’re newbie, using Linux and think “You can do overselling of RAM in XEN”, VPS hosting is definitely not for you! Do the math and see how much you can earn with a server with 12GB of RAM selling shared hosting to a VPS accounts created!

Get a block of IP with the name of your company in the WHOIS

Most nerds care about the information that shows the WHOIS on their business. When they make an appointment at the branch sites, which can be found in your server’s data center. So it is much better to promote your business in the WHOIS IP. You do not need to purchase a huge block of IPs for that. Even if you get a block / 29, talk to the datacenter to see if they make IP SWEEP for you. Big names like Softlayer do it (remember: IP SWIP and no SWAP).

Rent or allocate a server with at least 8GB of RAM and RAID 10 from a renowned data center

But before investing in a server, try searching on the internet about analysis of selected datacenter. Looking mainly data on uptime and if you are using VPS, go for the XEN platform and make monitoring against overselling memory. RAID 10 is required for this as RAID 1 does the same job, only it is slower in I / O disk. RAID 10 will protect the data of its users, it would be terrible if you suffer a disk failure that could declare bankruptcy for your business!

Do not use scripts canceled (nulled) on your site!

Some tend to use versions of canceled WHMCS and cPanel licenses pirates to reduce costs, but this type of program distributed illegally may contain malicious code that can expose your company’s important data. You would like that the credit card information of your customers is leaking? I do not think so.

In case of shared hosting, consider using the Litespeed

I’ve seen that Litespeed is becoming a trend in shared hosting and people like change. You can get more performance out of your shared server using Litespeed instead of Apache conventional. But I’m not saying that Apache sucks!

Try for WHMCS client management, legal issues for creating it!

The WHMCS is a nice option for managing clients and invoices. I also use it to be better than the ClientExec or any other due to its ease and ability to add plugins and themes to create. Currently, most companies using WHMCS but not bother to change the default theme. So no doubt you should hire someone and develop a beautiful theme to match your main site!

Be sure to invest in a unique theme for your site

Get a Web 2.0 theme for the site and your business is unique, no copying and pasting or using other free themes available out there. Today it costs about $ 200 to get a unique and beautiful template, but still well worth it!

Advertise on WebHosting Talk and Digital Point

I’m not talking about renting advertising space, but posting about your hosting company on these forums talking about what you have to offer on the correct course. A lot of webmasters on the internet sites choosing to stay to see the offerings. If you already have an account on any of them, do not use it to advertise your new business. Create a new user for this because if you did some boring posts on these forums (like posting stupid questions about hosting or dedicated servers India), it may be that your reputation is not good, which will soon pass a bad image about your business.

Be transparent

Post about moments of downtime and other problems in your company’s Twitter and blog it. It is also a good idea to keep on forum but never try to hide this information and always seek to be transparent, an open book. Who should not, no worries.

Hire someone to answer tickets while you sleep

Whether you are ready to answer tickets for 16h in a day. You need to sleep, then hire someone experienced and reliable to answer support tickets while you recharge your batteries.

Provide instant account setup

People do not like waiting for their brand new hosting account! Then allow the accounts to be configured automatically, instantly!


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